Fall-Inspired Epicurious Recipes to Embrace the Season

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with new recipes and ingredients. With the cooler weather and abundance of seasonal produce, it’s the perfect opportunity to cozy up in the kitchen and try something new. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of fall-inspired epicurious recipes that are sure to satisfy your taste buds and embrace the season.

Ingredients to Celebrate Fall

When it comes to cooking in the fall, it’s all about celebrating the abundance of seasonal ingredients. From crisp apples to hearty root vegetables, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of our favorites include:

  • Apples
  • Pumpkins
  • Squash
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Cranberries

Using seasonal ingredients not only supports local farmers and reduces the carbon footprint, but it also ensures that you’re getting the freshest and most flavorful produce. Plus, it’s a great way to mix up your meals and try new things.

Soups and Stews

One of the best things about fall is being able to indulge in hearty and comforting soups and stews. Whether you’re looking for a meaty option or a vegetarian alternative, there’s something for everyone. Here are some recipe ideas:

  • Butternut squash soup
  • Beef stew
  • Vegetable chili
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • Tomato soup
  • Potato soup
  • Vegetable soup

Don’t forget to pair your soup or stew with a crusty loaf of bread for the ultimate comfort meal.

Roasted Fall Vegetables

Roasting vegetables is a great way to bring out their natural sweetness and create a flavorful side dish or base for a meal. Here are some tips for roasting vegetables to perfection:

  • Cut vegetables into even sizes
  • Toss vegetables with olive oil, salt, and pepper
  • Roast at a high temperature (around 425°F) for 20-30 minutes, or until tender and caramelized
  • Try adding herbs, spices, or a drizzle of balsamic vinegar for added flavor

Some creative ways to use roasted vegetables include adding them to pasta dishes, grain bowls, or salads.

Cozy Casseroles

Casseroles are the ultimate comfort food and perfect for chilly nights. They’re also a great make-ahead option for busy weeknights. Here are some recipe ideas:

  • Chicken and broccoli casserole
  • Green bean casserole
  • Lasagna
  • Shepherd’s pie
  • Vegetable and quinoa casserole
  • Tuna noodle casserole
  • Baked ziti

For a healthier twist, try using whole-grain pasta, swapping out cream for Greek yogurt, or adding extra veggies to your casseroles. And don’t forget to top your casserole with a generous amount of cheese for that melty, gooey goodness.

Apple Treats

Apples are a quintessential fall ingredient and can be used in a variety of sweet and savory dishes. Here are some apple-inspired recipe ideas:

  • Apple crisp
  • Apple pie
  • Apple cider donuts
  • Apple butter
  • Apple and cheddar grilled cheese
  • Pork chops with applesauce
  • Apple cider sangria

Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or a savory dinner option, apples have got you covered.

Pumpkin Everything

Pumpkin is another staple fall ingredient that can be used in a variety of recipes. From sweet to savory, there’s no shortage of pumpkin-inspired dishes to try. Here are some recipe ideas:

  • Pumpkin soup
  • Pumpkin bread
  • Pumpkin risotto
  • Pumpkin ravioli
  • Pumpkin smoothie
  • Pumpkin pancakes
  • Pumpkin spice latte

And don’t forget about the pumpkin seeds! Roast them with your favorite spices for a crunchy and nutritious snack.


What are some tips for cooking with seasonal produce?

When cooking with seasonal produce, it’s important to choose ingredients that are fresh and in season. You can often find local produce at farmers’ markets or through a CSA (community-supported agriculture) program. Experiment with different recipes and techniques to bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Can I make these recipes ahead of time?

Yes! Many of these recipes are great for meal prep and can be made ahead of time. Casseroles, soups, and stews in particular are great for making in large batches and reheating throughout the week.

What are some healthy twists on classic fall dishes?

Try using whole-grain pasta in your casseroles, swapping out cream for Greek yogurt in your soups, or adding extra veggies to your dishes for added nutrition. And don’t be afraid to experiment with herbs and spices to add flavor without adding extra calories.

Are these recipes suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Many of these recipes can be easily adapted for vegetarians and vegans. For example, the lentil soup can be made with vegetable broth instead of chicken broth, and the pumpkin ravioli can be made with a vegan-friendly pasta dough. For vegan options, you can substitute dairy products with plant-based alternatives like nut milk, vegan cheese, and tofu.

What can I do with leftover ingredients?

Don’t let leftover ingredients go to waste! You can use leftover veggies in omelets, stir-fries, or salads, and leftover meat can be used in sandwiches or as a protein topping for your favorite salad. Fruit can be frozen for smoothies or used in baked goods, and leftover canned pumpkin can be used in recipes like pumpkin bread or muffins.

What are some other fall-inspired ingredients to experiment with?

In addition to apples and pumpkins, there are many other fall-inspired ingredients to try, including butternut squash, sweet potatoes, pears, cranberries, and figs. These ingredients can be used in a variety of dishes, from savory stews to sweet desserts.


Fall is a great time to experiment with new recipes and ingredients. From hearty soups and stews to cozy casseroles and apple treats, there’s no shortage of fall-inspired dishes to try. Be sure to take advantage of the seasonal produce and use ingredients like apples, pumpkins, and root vegetables to add flavor and nutrition to your meals.

And there you have it, fall-inspired epicurious recipes to embrace the season. We hope this article has given you some inspiration for your fall cooking and helped you make the most of the seasonal produce. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ingredients and techniques, and remember to have fun in the kitchen!

Happy fall cooking!

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